Best Amateur Sites to Post your Nudes


I post naked

First, offers an incentive for users to upload nudes. You can upload for free and win prizes by uploading. Apparently, the company hosts monthly giveaways. Also, the site advertises that users do not have to encounter any unsolicited popups. If you want to post anonymously or with some privacy, you can request to have your face blurred. You don’t even need a membership to send your pictures to this site. Not only do they have giveaways, but the prizes are cash. If you’re already thinking of uploading your nudes for fun, you should definitely consider the added bonus of earning some money! 

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Truth or Dare pics

As the name suggests, this site offers users a feed of nude amateur pics from women supposedly playing truth or dare. It’s a great place to post nudes because you can upload nudes in a blog format. You can tell a story or upload and attach videos.  Since the site hosts a blog, you can join an online conversation and/or platform to make uploading even more engaging and worth the time.



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The theme is truth or dare, so exhibitionists will find this especially exciting – since there is a theme, rather than just a place to upload risqué photos. If you’re looking for justification for uploading public nudes, this is a good place to start. In the archives, already, you’ll find a plethora of dare topics such as “fun public pics” “outdoors naked” “sexy naked gifs.” There are tons of keywords to peruse. You’ll feel like you’ve tapped into a catalogue of nudes, and you’re welcome to join.

Newbie nudes

Newbie nudes has a different interface than the other sites. On the top, you’ll find chat, blogs, people, friends. It seems more anonymous than other sites because most of users crop out faces from the nude pics. Each picture has a country flag on the bottom left to indicate the nationality of the user, who posted the content. If you’re looking to post just a shot of your eggplant or taco – to use emoji euphemisms – this site may prove the best because a lot of the shots are close ups and cropped. Also, as the name suggests, the anonymity of the site may point to how the site caters to beginner users. Not to mention, your posts here could appear on google searches, so that’s why people generally stay anonymous.

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One of the recent uploads includes “that feel when there’s no one to text so you go on reddit.” Exactly. On reddit, you’ll find real amateur sex. When you don’t have someone to sext at that moment – either because your significant other is at work or because you’re currently single, don’t worry. There’s reddit. It’s free to upload and you’ll join a majority of people—meaning thousands of users – who are looking for fun comment threads. Basically, this is the place to be a horndog on an online forum. That said, the next example is called SexualForums, so perhaps that’s also the place to be a horndog. Don’t limit yourself to one site.



Sexual Forums seems to operate much like reddit. However, it’s less about sexting and more of an actual forum or platform. It’s a bit more niche instead of just uploading pictures for validation. If you’re looking for more community with likeminded people, sexualforum may work best. Not unlike newbie nudes, users like to stay anonymous because of backlinks that will make your content available on a google search elsewhere.